Tuesday, September 28

tasty sauce

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand" from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

This tune has been stuck in my head ever since i heard the bootleg version from Fare Soldi ;)

Watch the clip and you'll see many cameos from the likes of Jay-Z, Pharell, Kanye (and I think i see Diplo hanging from the window at 2.46s!)



Wednesday, August 25

The answer

Inspired by the recent fanfare of the new MCYS tender to conjure unique solutions/ideas for singles aged 20 to 35 to mingle with each other thereby increasing their odds of being the target of Cupid, I too, had been pondering around this predicament.

I went on to search either in forums, newspapers and even personal conversations with friends and found out problems contributing to this uniquely Singapore challenges are as such; the rising cost of living in Singapore, the importance of carving out one’s career, etc

The reasons given above are all valid and in true honesty but being a renegade at heart, naturally I choose not to condone to it.

What is the solution then?

My radical proposal will be my understanding what woman will undergo when they meet the ONE. (The definition of the “One” will be explained later on this article)

Women, the stronger gender at times, are noble earthlings who can change even their un-kick-able manicure or whatever bad habit they have for their children. Many a times, I had personally witness the strength and effort that women gather in the face of daunting challenges occurring in the family. Be it a straying husband or a compulsive gambler, by and large, it has always been the woman who has taken on the chores from housework to mountainous debts in order to “protect” and keep her family together.

I knew the efforts that my mum had put in for my family.

The “revolution” that a woman is able to undergo for their family is unimaginable. This is a fact. Riding on this huge potential, I reckon that if a woman meets the one guy who is able to sweep her off her feet, then she will definitely undergo that unfathomable revolution that might threaten her career plans.

In summary, the “one” describes what fairy tales perceives as the knight in shining armor or their prince charming. Call me naive or an adolescent kid but yes, I have personally witnessed woman going through incredible lengths just to be with a guy. From the extreme act of severing ties with family members till perhaps a milder approach of alternating one’s lifestyle, the potential of changing their views lies solely in this valuable skill.

The skill where guys, especially Singaporean males, must literally SWEEP the woman off their feet because love is all about falling. People fall in love and how do you achieve that?

The only way is to render them off-balance. The similar feeling to that “kick” required in the movie Inception to get the characters out of their dreams. In our case, it's about leading them into their dreams, a safe heaven outside the cruelties of this world where they knew that you will be their hero.

This intrinsic "hero" talent to always leave woman wanting for more will cause your woman to re-consider you to be one of their “core” in their lives. This in turn will be just the answer to this national pandemic as i believed the fundamental reason is that Singaporean women are still now swooning over us guys yet.

I do acknowledged that just by having a revolution for Singaporean guys will not be adequate but the fact that the quality of Singaporean guys are in a diminished state, no woman will ever want to settle down. There can never be any compromises to a woman’s career if the guys that they are dating just do not capture their heart and soul.

To a woman, I guess the right guy is more important than the right time. We are no longer in some match-making era where every girl has to be off the shelves at a certain age. If we guys do not know how to be a fitting soul mate, understanding what to do and what not to do in dates, then yes, foreign brides are the only way to go.

I do not wish to see the state of Singaporean man being heartbroken, “beaten” up by angmohs and being labeled as a sub-standard product. The month of august is the month of our national day and let's just say I just feel patriotic now. With that, sixguys and I will try our best to usher in the new era of males. Stay tune to our blogs for more info to how just to be THE ONE or if you really can't wait, you can email your queries to us at sixguysataprataplace@gmail.com.

Your privacy is our top concern.


Wednesday, August 18