Monday, July 26


Technology; some say its out to ruin mankind, while others think otherwise, choosing to believe that technology is the key to progression. I believe in the latter, and my point is, how I wish youtube came out 9 years ago so that I could have watched this awesome video and be inspired to replicate it for my Design & Technology final project >.<

And in case you people have no clue who Daft Punk is:

Daft Punk consist of the french duo, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, who originally banded with Lauren Brancowitz and formed a rockband called Darlin', branded by a song with the same name by the Beach Boys. But their gig together were shortlived; after a brief miserable stint (around maybe 4 songs and 2 gigs), one particular negative review from Melody Maker, a music magazine, described them as "a bunch of daft punk". That review pretty much put an end to Darlin's misery, and the band shortly disbanded...

...however, the negativity gave birth to something greater. Though the review depressed the duo, the review unwittingly inspired their new identity, and Daft Punk was born! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons...

This entry was crafted while chilling to this soothing song; give it a spin and I challenge you to not like it.

Here's a classic.

To sum everything up:

  • Chase your dreams, don't sleep on it
  • Shit is not always bad for you, handle it well and it might be the fertilizer you need
  • This post is made possible with music and video from youtube, information on Daft Punk dug up on Google and Wikipedia, blog hosted on Blogger... you get the picture. Technologic.