Wednesday, May 26

Transitions Trilogy: Meet & Approach

Before the time of social networking and fast food, our fathers went out to meet women in the strangest places, wrote extensive love letters to them and courted them during warm nights with a picnic basket and their charm.

Life became faster and many a man have lamented about the difficulty of meeting women, claiming little time and even lesser opportunities. Well, you can pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars and hope for fate to land your dream woman in your lap but most of the time, fate needs a little pushing and prodding from you coupled with a lot of encouragement.

So, where can you give fate a guiding hand? There are many places you can meet interesting and attractive women, ranging from bookstores to your neighborhood kopitiam. This is a guide on where you can meet women and how to approach them.

The Bookstore

Ah, the start of many relationships where eyes meet and lock over the smell of freshly-printed paperbacks and furtive glances exchanged at the magazine rack. The bookstore is a great place to meet women of all kinds, from the young college student looking for a cosy place to curl up and read to that classy office lady searching for an escape from reality.

The most convenient way for you to initiate conversation with that particularly fetching lady by the fiction corner is through what Juggler calls a floppsy.

A floppsy is taking advantage of a situation that presents itself. For example, when that lady reaches out to grab a book, you casually say, "I wouldn't take that if I were you" or something to that effect. Conversational jujitsu fundamentals come in great here.

Floppsies can occur in any time and place with any person. Think fast on your feet, be confident and just throw it out there.

The Club
Different venues come with it different levels of expectations. In a bookstore, most women are not primed and ready to get approached and hit on. However, in a club, most women expect men to come over and talk to them. This causes most ladies in a club to put up a defense shield and have an instant rejection line whenever a guy approaches them.

Meeting and approaching women in a club is a whole different beast altogether. Many different levels of social levels come into play. Firstly, I would recommend going to a club with a group of people that includes a few women friends. They act as social proof and indicates to everyone else that you are not a weirdo looking out for young prey.

Secondly, I suggest either getting to know the people who owns or runs the place. Besides being able to get a couple of drinks free and perhaps a table to sit down at, it looks really good when you interact with the staff there as it again acts as social proof, the alpha male so to speak.

A few things to avoid-

1. When you head out to the dancefloor, do not stand there like most other men and look around the whole floor, hunting for young women to sneak up on and grind their buttocks for a few seconds before they turn around and either push you away or move away from your crotch.

2. Stand around with a drink in hand and scowl or sulk your way through the night. Remember, fate needs a guiding hand.

Things to do-
HAVE FUN! You're there to let your hair loose and party the night away. Dance, smile and move your way around. Dance with the men and smile with the women. When you're having fun, people notice it and pay attention.

When you see a woman smiling back at you, you have approximately 3 seconds to initiate some kind of interaction before she will look away. Normally, a pointed finger at her and a come hither gesture with your index finger will elicit some kind of reaction, either a laugh, a shake of the head with a smile or an approach.

If she shakes her head but laughs, take one step closer to her and do the finger gesture again. Normally, she obliges. You hold out your hand. She grabs it. You give her a twirl. She laughs. Your night is set.

These 2 scenarios were laid out for a specific reason; one is a speaking environment where conversation is essential while the second one is a loud, noisy place which makes conversation hard, if not impossible. However, the elements present are generally the same.

In the next part of the trilogy, we'll discuss transitioning from the approach to setting expectations.



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Just to throw it out there but sixguys, or perhaps only me, have been entertaining the idea of holding free field workshops for shits and giggles. The main purpose is to have fun and shoot the moon but also to demonstrate that we really preach what we advocate. It's just an idea in progress, or actually more of an idea in incubation but it would be really great to know what all of you think. Let us know!

Sunday, May 23

An Update

Dear readers,

You might be wondering where all the posts have dried up to and what we've been busy doing. Besides the aforementioned Streetwars, sixguys is also pleased to inform all of you that we're working on a really big project these past couple of weeks. It's been taking longer than expected but we're quite excited to see it come to fruition one way or another. It feels like we've been in labor and the kid's finally going to pop out.

Rest assured though that we're still meeting up at the prata place to discuss about the direction we want to take with our blog and brainstorming new ideas for new posts. This blog is our soul and we hope to keep it that way. We really thank you for your readership and your comments and your e-mails and such and we're quite happy about how far we've come from when we first started out with a single post about ourselves.

It's a long, hard winding journey but the sights make it worthwhile.


Sunday, May 16

About last week...

OH~ It's good to be back!

no applause? What? nobody missed me? Erm... Right. I get it. Your're all pissed-off as to why there was a dip in number of posts. Internet trolls and cyber bullies, allow me to unravel what we were up to last week - a week of stealth and deception, paranoia and anxiety, impersonation and trickery...So... about last week...

To suggest that my column is only late because I spent Thursday eating nachos and screaming at the Real Madrid players on my television is positively ludicrous, and you open yourself up to legal action if you even consider that as a possibility. My column is complete, and I am in fact rubbing it all over my naked body as I type this, so excuse any typos.

Truth of the matter is - I am not Iron man.

But I digress. You see, on Saturday night last week, we received a call from a syndicate who code named themselves Shadow Government. It sounded urgent and pressing and the man on the other line had a British accent. Here's the actual recorded conversation...

Man on the other line: Hello? We would like to speak to Agent Han.

me: Hola Amigo! It great to hear from you! How has it been, my brotha-from-anotha-motha!

Man: Er... I don't think we've met befo...

me: Bullshit! C'mon man, those hookers you intro'd me to! They were AWESOMEEEE! When are you gonna take me there again? C'mon man! How about tonight?

Man: Erm, Sir, I don't know you and I don't know what you're talking about. Can we speak to Agent Han please.

me: Bahh cut the act Johnny! We both clearly know what I'm talking about. *winks* Eh? Johnny?

Johnny: How- did- How did you even know my real name- My wife doesn't even- How-

me: C'mon take me there again and lets party! *winks* *winks*

At this point, 'Agent' Han walks into the room and grabs the phone from me
"Stop winking u idiot! He can't see you wink from the phone!"

'Agent' Han then takes the phone into another room which was equipped with sound proof glass doors for the sole purpose of keeping my prying ears out.

After a lengthy and nerve-wrecking 26 seconds, Agent Han emerges from the room and says,
"Assemble Team Samba. We have a target."

Shadow Government?! Agent Han?! Team Samba?! WTF is going on?!


To spare you the confusion and a whole fairy tale elaborately thought up by a 24 year old in the toilet taking a dumb because he had finished using his internet bandwidth from surfing porn, Team Samba signed up for Streetwars.

Just the facts:

- Streetwars is a 3 week long, 24/7, water gun assassination tournament.

- Team Samba consisted of Agents Han, Des, Xun and myself, Zw.

- Agent Han wets his pants every night in bed.

Now I know what your're thinking. You're thinking that its so selfish of sixguys, who would rather play a stupid water gun game than to spend their time writing posts for your entertainment and enlightenment. You're also thinking about porn.

But let me tell you this.

Streetwars ain't no stroll in a park.

We spent everyday living in fear.

That cleaner at the staircase of my block? A well-trained assassin skilled in the arts of disguise.

That unassuming rubbish chute? A planned ambush set up by guerrilla commandos.

That vehicle in your rear view mirror? Step on the accelerator and lose him!

All these happenings while we rack our brains trying to hunt our target and finish him off with a point blank double tap to the head.

AWESOME! YOU GUYS ARE SO COOL! WE LOVE YOU AND WANT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TO SEND YOU NUDE PICS (of girls)!!!

Alas, all good things come to an end. But not necessarily a good end. Streetwars was shut down, a week into the tournament. Apparently, Shadow Government faults licencing issues but we all know that it was because they couldn't handle the fire that Team Samba had started.

Team Samba had 2 kills in 5 days and we were ready for the 3rd.

But at least we can finally return to the life of simple folk. Dwelling in padi-fields and watching the cattle graze... Life may not be as exciting as it was, but at least there wouldn't be 4 paranoid agents, looking over their shoulders every now and then, ready to spring into a watery gunslinger soaking action.


Friday, May 14

How to Sliding Tackle

With tongue firmly in cheek, here's a guide on how to sliding tackle without getting a red card. It's also known as how to steal someone's girlfriend without getting brutally beaten up, killed or raped by his rugby friends.

Step One
Enroll in a self-defense class, preferably something like Muay Thai or Brazilian Jujitsu. This would help you out when you're facing her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend and his entourage of snarling friends on a deserted street. Instead of being brutally beaten up, you might just get away with a few scratches and a broken collarbone.

Step Two
Get a tattoo, preferably on your bicep or triceps and make sure it's snarling.

When you flex your bicep, it looks much more menacing to your attackers and they might get scared. Or they might call more people down. That's when you call the police.

Step Three
Make them break up. A great general would always sow discord in the enemy's camp and this is no exception. A well-placed female underwear in his bag would usually arouse suspicions in his significant other. Make sure it's lacy. And red. And has the name Stacy on it.

Start learning Photoshop and place your opponent's body, face, head, leg or even nose in the most compromising of situations with other girls. Make sure the girl is naked and he is smiling.

Step Four
Approach the girl and give her a shoulder to cry on, preferably the one with the tiger tattoo on it because chicks dig tattoos, especially snarling tigers.

Mission success.


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Monday, May 10

Learning from the great series

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | Video on

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action | Video on

Wednesday, May 5

Conversational Jujitsu: Redux Two

The Conversational Jujitsu series had stirred up a metaphorical hornet's nest among our readers that we deigned it prudent to present the views of two women on the subject.

You can read about it here.

For those of you who missed out on the Conversational Jujitsu trilogy, click the link below to read it in its full glory.

Conversational Jujitsu: Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Another group of ladies, another two of them to be exact, wrote in to us as well about their take on Conversational Jujitsu.

note: Certain parts of the post have been edited for clarity but the meaning of the post has been left untarnished.

With the increasing demands for women's rights over the years, modern day society has established itself as one where the title of "woman" reigns gloriously in her own power, where many a housewife have traded in their homemade apple pies and soiled aprons for business deals and crisp corporate suits. Young girls grow up bombarded by the notion of female empowerment through a multitude of different mass media forms, ranging from education to songs on the radio.

As such, for all the 5 "C"s which one might have believed to be the makings of every lady's ideal gentleman have now been subverted such that it has become the makings of every lady's ideal lady (of which I speak of in general). Independent and headstrong, the 21st century woman is able to determine the importance and usefulness of various aspects of her life to her, and whether it would impede or benefit her in the long term goals she has set for herself (though this definitely does not take retail therapy into account). Her life is a computer with infinite gigabyte hard disk space, categorised into different folders and files, of which she does disk cleanup frequently to get rid of the unnecessary which no longer command/deserve attention from the Motherboard. Pardon the pun.

Result? I believe the phrase, "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn", is tell tale enough of a woman's might.

Intimidated by the gender stereotype role reversal, many males suffer the fate of being heartlessly deleted off hard disk space.

And now back to point.

Behind all that complication of a name, my personal take on conversational jujitsu is that rather than it being a guide on how to successfully interact with the opposite sex if they have always rendered you stuttering and incoherent, it teaches you how to be more of a human to another human. No pretense, no ulterior motives or agendas, no innate conscious reminders of the switch of the conventional roles of women and men in society, just simple connection and conversation between two human beings. (Though I do find "jujitsu" to be ironic - don't ninjas do things in stealth?)

And how do you know that CJ works? When you find yourself enjoying smooth, flowing conversation, and that your brain is so attune with conversing that all the conventional methods and rules to "deal" with the opposite gender - and even all that sixguys purports in CJ – has gone out of the window.

Conversational jujitsu is not a guidebook. It is a way of life. As cheesy as it sounds.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland would be the perfect round up to my thoughts - more so of a humanistic approach to interaction, rather than one where interaction is determined by gender convention.

Anyhow, just my two cents.

Firstly, I would like to express my personal relief and gratitude for the existence of these six guys (I should probably credit the prata place as well), some of who I know personally, for they make up the few good ones left standing amongst the male population of today.

Coming from someone who has dated some of the emptiest-headed men in this country (overstatement I know but you get the gist), I cannot emphasize how important a good conversation is, especially when making the first impression. Of course when you see a girl you are attracted to, you probably wouldn’t come to think about your opening, middle and closing. On that note, a good opening would be key to the attention required from her as you proceed so making that a priority would be wise.

This brings us to part deux, where negging and compliments are said to be a good start. I personally enjoy the negging. I receive it as a compliment but at the same time I am suddenly wary of myself; how I’m sitting or standing or if I’m smiling too much etc. Suddenly, I feel a need to actually impress him. The rapport is usually established at this point which is great! It is important that he is confident enough to pull it off though, having sat through some futile attempts which I end up dismissing almost immediately. A spot on first impression usually leads to a smooth journey ahead and females (most I know) are not very hard to catch on the first try, we just pretend to be (a nicer way of saying we’re in denial). Most females love the feeling of being approached, at least I do, so half the battle is won even before you say hello.

The tricky part would probably the kino; how to do it and how to pull it off and I leave it to sixguys to help you out with that one. Some kino I’ve encountered that worked like a charm; the hand-around-the-waist gesture when seating her down at a restaurant before yourself or ushering her down the stairs before you do. So classy! As well as the you-think-you-saw-a-speck-of-dust-in-her-hair move which embarrassingly worked for me. Heh.

I think the ultimate hurdle is getting through the attached ones or the ones faking the existence of a boyfriend. I think all of my kind has to admit we use that ‘oh I’m attached sorry’ move to shun away most of the pest-like men approaching us. Then again I feel sixguys abide by the Alex Hitchens more so than the Neil Strauss hypothesis. Hmm conversational jujitsu part four gentlemen? Just a thought.

Be it for personal victory counts or to find true love in your life, I am pretty sure your long term advisor is just a click away right here at sixguysataprataplace, best part is they don’t take payments!

(Ed's note: I swear we did not make any form of payment, monetary or otherwise for this plug)

Where else can you get such sincere consultation on not just women but L4D2 tactics and historical events that shape our world today! Too good to be true, I say.

More importantly I share with you my mantra. Believe in what you are about to do, then even if it’s false it becomes the truth. I actually got that from an espionage reality show. Oh and of course, R. Kelly. ‘I believe I can flyyyyy’

grace x siti

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Tuesday, May 4

LOL - Humor

You will have almost certainly heard that humor is very important in terms of attracting and keeping your date but when most guys try to be Jim Carrey, they often fall short and end up being goofy. That’s bad, real bad.

Now, if your aim is to be Sheldon J. Plankton and remain frustrated over why girls avoid you although you've been memorizing all the jokes you get from joke books, here’s a tip for you if you fall in this category; take a look into the mirror and you can spot the world's greatest joke.

But if your inspirational model is Russell Brand, snatching Katy Perry like he did and some infatuated models along the way, do this - close your eyes and say,” I want to idolize sixguys.”


Now the later is just a joke.

Why is humor so important?
To start off, sixguys needs you to understand the answers to this question. If not, then participate in the audition for the lead actor of the movie, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin Part II”. This is serious stuff, especially in dating.

Through experience, we agree that there are various elements that women judge you when on dates. Ranging from the scent of your cologne to your gentlemanly Armani suit, one thing that towers above all this is, “Are you able to make her laugh?”

In general, men who laugh at themselves are willing to accept their mistakes and move on faster. For women, if you can tickle their funny bones, that means you are witty and a fun guy to be with.

It correlates to dating as love is always supposed to be fun and playful. Do not believe me, go look at females’ Facebook profile and you will probably notice that most of them are 'looking for a fun guy.'

The kind of fun men that leaves them playfully hitting their heroes and say, ”You are such a badass.” (In a funny way of course)

Also, when you make a girl laugh all the time, she will feel more at ease and relaxed when with you. She will be able to relieve her burden of a day's work and enjoy a multitude of jokes from you. And most importantly, she will lower her guard against you. Yes, a comfy sofa is not the sole ingredient that make women comfortable.

The difference between a stand-up comedian and a joker

Nobody can resist a good laugh and everyone loves to hang around someone funny. However, few can distinguish the difference between being lame to being genuinely funny. Laughing at a woman's idiotic driving skills seems funny to most men but to women, they think you are the perfect role for the Joker in Batman.

I have always believed that real humor has to come from within your character. In fact, in the book "Comedy Writing Secrets" by Helitzer, the author pointed that out. What it means is that it is important to have a bubbly personality plus a myriad of interesting stories. A stand-up comedian's distinct ability to spread laughter does not lie in memorizing the whole joke book but by their unique flamboyant character. Be it that spark in their eyes or the amusing tone they mimic, they sure tickle my funny bones.

It is not the intention of sixguys to just expect you to transform into a machine that produces a gentle smile or small giggle from her. What we demand from you is to literally get her to burst out in rambunctious laughter all the time.

Intelligent humor is a sign of the intelligent man beneath. Having a good sense of humor subtly tells the girl that there is a smart man underneath that great smile.

Wit is one of the stuff women seek in men. (Don't just take our words for it. Read this)

What you can do now
sixguys loathes being the dictator when it comes to women but the circumstances do not allow us to be humble. Do this, continue supporting and read our posts. It’s really an understatement to just read it. Understand and internalize the principles we are advocating. We don’t just write because we rather write than to spend an entire day watching grannies crossing road. We treat it as our mission.


We don't like pessimists. Girls despise them too.

“I think, therefore I am.” Appreciate what Descartes says.

Bear in mind guys: “With confidence, self-control, class and humor, there will be one lesser space left in the ranking of the Top-100 bachelors.”


Monday, May 3

Today in History - 03 May - 06 May 1999

n this very day,
A total count of
46 dead,
800 injured,
More than 8000 homes damaged or destroyed,
Total property damage of nearly $1.5 billion.

Does this look like a Junkyard?
nope, this is when a F-5 Tornado decides to go to a mall.
It will turn the Fiercest Fighter into a Self-pissing Wimp.

A total of 74 tornadoes touched down across the 2 states,
Oklahoma and Kansas, in less than 21 hours.
At one point, there were as many as four tornadoes reported on the ground at the same time.

Thus on, today is remembered as,

May 3, 1999 Oklahoma/Kansas Tornado Outbreak.

A tornado is a violent, rotating column of air linking the clouds to the ground.
It's not the winds that kill you,
but rather what it brings with it.
Making grains of sand feel like shotgun pallets.
We do not really know much about Tornadoes,
Scientists are still trying to figure out,
Under what kind of condition summons it?
How it damages?
How to predict it?
Most tornado have short life spans.
Thus, making them very illusive and hard to study.
But on this day,
the most violent and long lasting F-5 tornado was witnessed.

(I don't mean Brock Lesnar's back-breaking F-5)

But rather,
The Big Fat Ugly Green Wedge tornado.

F-5 tornadoes can have winds up to 512 km/h - size doesn't matter.

(F-5 refers to the Fujita Scale, a scale that rates the strength based damage it causes.
0(zero) being the weakest, 5 being the strongest. It is now decommissioned to be replaced by EF scale - Enhanced Fujita Scale which is also similar with slight changes.)

The F-5 is so strong, it is able to cause severe damage which includes turning well-constructed houses into matchsticks, turn cars into projectiles, badly damage steel reinforced concrete structures and cause significant structural deformation in high-rise buildings.

Below is a clip taken by Reed Timmer and Crew on 03 May 1999.

Below is the glimpse of damage that was caused.

Some additional documentation videos.

To see the path of destruction from the air, start from somewhere in the middle.

A reason why there are so many dedicated scientists like Joshua Wurman, meteorologists Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor, engineer Tim Samaras and even film-maker Sean Casey are risking their lives in their own way, to pitch in on the effort to further understand and educate the public about tornadoes and hopefully, able to increase the time for tornado warnings which could in turn save countless lives.

Like on 04 May 2007, when a EF-5 Tornado ( the only "5" class since 03 May 1999, it was 2.7km in width with winds reaching 330 km/h and only traveled a distance of 35km) went through Greensburg, Kansas destroying 95 percent of the city, severely damaging the remaining 5 percent and yet only killing 11 people. (Mainly because there was a 20-minute warning time before the tornado struck.)

I feel so blessed to not have the need to worry about tornadoes yet.

(p.s This is what Sean Casey developed to drive into Tornadoes for filming.)
COOL? It is called TIV 2 : Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2
Do watch Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel.

A Tribute to the Storm Chasers

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Sunday, May 2

You may have questions. We may have answers. So just drop us your queries/story/situation by mail or any other way you can think of.

The following was sent to us by someone who goes by the name of Lyrad.

He sent us a telegram which was fine. Except the telegraph machine was attached to a poor pigeon and flown to us.

note: Certain parts of the post have been edited for clarity but the meaning of the post has been left untarnished.

We are like the "hi-bye" kind of friends. But soon we started chatting online everyday and i found out that she just broke off from a long relationship. Slowly we started talking on phone. i know she has many suitors. She told me about this guy who has been chasing her since Junior College days and they are very close friends but they were not together and she has never considered him. But she would always tell me what this guy would do chase her. eg. flowers for her, wait for her beneath her block, bla bla bla.

I remember there was once, she went out with this guy for dinner at a nearby mall at her place and the guy wouldn't let her go home. She then sms me and ask me what she should do so i told her if u need me to be there, i will go. initially she hesitated, after that she asked me to go look for her and to come quickly. From my university to her place, it will take me around 45mins. When i was halfway there, she told me 'never mind already', because the guy is walking her back. Since i'm already on my way, i decided to still go over to her place.

After like a month or so, i decided to confess to her. But she told "i'm not ready for a relationship YET." So, i take it as a half half situation, and continued putting in effort in chasing her. we went out a couple of times and soon people see that we were close but not in a relationship. Only her best friend knows about our situation. After another few months, i asked her again, but i still get the same response. So i took it as i needed to put in even more effort on this

We started chatting on phone everyday until the wee hours, we would go out together and sometimes with her friends. Then came along this guy, her primary school friend, who I don't know popped up from where. He started talking to her and confessed to her. After this guy came along, her time is shared between us between me and the guy. I was struggling with my school work at that time and the guy, because he has to go for an exchange, is quite free so he was able to wait and pick up the girl almost everyday after work. But soon the guy had to leave for his exchange, then the girl asked me to send her to airport because she wants to see her friend off. Although i was damn [profanity removed] with the idea of doing this, I still sent her to the airport because i felt that like that was a gentleman thing to do.

But when we reached the airport, she asked me to stay in the car!!! I told her if you want me to stay in the car, i will leave because it's just so stupid! Here i am, sending you to see my rival and you still ask me to stay in the [profanity removed] car and wait.

At this point of time, all we received from the telegram machine was an influx of high voltage electric signals. We assume Lyrad meant, "Yours sincerely, Lyrad"

Dear Lyrad,


"She has many suitors."
All pretty girls do. Based on your observations, all of the suitors buy her flowers, send her home, cut her toenails, etc. You chase her and I'm assuming you do the same affectionate behaviors as well. That is mistake no. 1.

We call this product differentiation in advertising. Or just pretty much, what's so different about you that she cannot get from the rest of the other men?

Attention? She has that by the bucketloads.
Gifts? She throws away the flowers and gives the wrapping paper to Pulau Senoko.
Suitors? One address book full of them I assume.

You’re following in the same footsteps as his predecessors, the path of the dreaded Friend Zone.

"I'm not ready for a relationship YET."
Yet, you continued to chase her. This is mistake no. 2.

If we were faced with the exact same situation, we would have said something like this, "No one ever is. It's whether you want to take the first leap and jump and take a shot at happiness and sadness and everything else in between. Or we can just stay as what we are. I don't want to stay as what we are."

You have to be prepared to lose her. Let her mull over what could have been. Utilise the cat string theory, so to speak.

"Although I damn [profanity removed] with the idea of doing this, i still send her to airport because I feel that like that was a gentleman thing to do."

Mistake no. 3. You’re equating being at her beck and call as being a gentleman. That is really, really not the case. You are not her boyfriend. So don't behave like you are one.

You have to be the fun guy, someone who has something unexpected every single time she goes out with you. Her heart races and she becomes excited when she knows she's going out with him because she knows something good always happens. And of course, treat her with respect.

Be firm but respectful. Be interesting and fun to be with. Engage in activities outside the norm, like cable skiing. Be her escape from reality, so much so that she wants you to be her reality. Take a serious look at yourself and think, “Do I want to date myself?”

We have been told you’re currently in the pursuit of another dame and it feels like the same one as before. Perhaps because you are trying the same old tricks? Ditch the movie and dinner date. Read up Attraction 101 on our blog. That is the foundation to attraction and start working on your weak points. Every women is different but the template is still the same.

Improve yourself and you’ll be amazed at the results. Good luck.