Friday, August 13

The start of a new beginning

"What does it truly mean to be passionate in something?".

I came across the above statement while scrolling through marathon man series, which featured men who followed their guts, heart and passion to accomplished their unique undertaking not bequeath that of the task of constructing the great wall of china.

Passion, the quintessential stuff that drives human-being to do something out of the norm and that aphrodisiac that made life which sometime, can be a seemingly endless journey, to take on a whole new entity.

Peering into this one important attribute of human being, I can say that if you are able to identify a passionate person at work, then you will definitely be able to find that particular person who is also able to kick himself/herself enthusiastically out of the bed on a rainy Monday morning. He/she will be less likely to whine, to grumble and overall, a better person to work with and be with.

In short, he/she will be a real happy person.

Moving out from the work arena, you will identify parallel instances for those who inject passion into their relationship too. They will almost certainly received a grin from their partner in the morning.

The reason being, the right usage of passion at certain intense moment on a particular important furniture set is crucial to keep our partners in an euphoria state.

To summaries, passion is what fuels the bright sparks that few had in their eyes. Especially so in our developed country where the daily rides on public transport make me wonder sometimes that am I living in a zombie town with soulless people all around me burying their faces into today newspaper or worst still, the I-phone.

Incidentally, I recently had the privilege to attend a lecture with the topic pertaining to youths nowadays.

The lecturer hailed from SMU(Singapore management university) and I must say that one of the issues that was being brought out compelled me to blog about it for the sake of our dedicated six guys reader.

He mentioned that in recent years, he noticed that the youth in Singapore had lesser passion in the stuff they choose to embark on. So much so that even their dating lives are as such, tasteless. I will like to believe that perhaps the national services that we undergo, having had to survive on combat ration has evolved us into people with much lesser appreciation to taste or, on a macro level, in life itself.

One of the reason that the lecturer point out is the over-information that Singaporean youths get nowadays. Students are made to go through tons of books and the desire to follow the main-stream view of society and to helm it ,obligate students to have lesser time with their heart but to have a life-time romance with, their brains on all those information.

Books can never teach you much on romance but experience and a good blog will.

Being one of writer, I know for a fact that romance does not comes from the brain but rather from a passionate heart. Browsing through popular forums like the one in stomp or hardwarezone , it's no wonder why i witness people slamming Singaporean guys and seeing local "elite" topping the international maths competition. Being smart is good. But having passion in something is a whole new level which only ones that undergo will truly understand its meaning.

Perhaps it is because our national icon of on-screen successful guys such as PCK (Phua Chu Kang) that causes us Singaporean guys to be treated like our iconic delicacy, the rotiprata but there is a certain truth that once you are of legal age to be responsible behind wheels, you should take full-charge of life.

True enough that in a relationship, multiple factors will affect and shape the outcome of it but in all honestly, the best relationship that people, or i had, are people who believe in their work, thoughts and the aspiration that what they choose to do is going to make a difference to the world.

Moving on, passion = vibes, and it's a hard fact that first impressions do count in dates. Most guys i met will worry about what to say, what kind of conversation starter they should have and etc, etc... but really, one important ingredient they should ponder on is what vibes he is giving away to people, in particular, his date.

My favorite example will be, Steve Irwin. The late crocodile hunter was the reason why i decided to watch animals documentary where pior to him , it was just commentary who had boring voices meant for people suffering from insomnia. It was his quote:" ain't she 's a beauty!, crikey" and lots more, when referring to crocodiles and his overly animated expression that caught my attention. Never mind that some people might find him way too "over", like how we describe someone in a local context of being "overly-passionate", i can still feel that he is really in love with what he did.

At this stage, I like to represent sixguys to apologize for the slow updates of our blog but hey, as the ancient saying goes,:” Slow fire produces top-notch food.” I hope I get the saying right but who cares, in sixguys, we do stuff with our heart, not with our ears. We never wanted to be in a popularity contest for blogs and especially so, in my personal sense,to build this blog into a safe heaven where man can learn from each other infinite wisdom.

We welcome any emails and articles if you had something you feel strongly for guys or about anything. Please send it to our mailbox.

Sixguys will carry on to have endless supper session on what topics to salvage the state of men in today society or if by popular demand or divine intervention, to take on the greater mission of re-igniting the flames of our Singaporean guys, which apparently our national service had not been an overwhelming success.

Till then, as quoted from steve job ( just to prove that I had no grudges against I-phones ) : “ stay foolish, and stay hungry.”



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