Saturday, June 12


I'm listening to...

Really love the art direction from 01.53 onwards.

Just saw this official music video from Mr Breakbot. This video is an amazing work of art! Why? Simply because it is a sequence composed with approximately 2000 over watercolor images painstakingly painted and directed by Irina Dakeva; 101% pure awesomeness! Now let me throw you some quick dirt about Breakbot that I've grabbed from Wikipedia:

  • Name: Thibaut Berland

  • French producer and DJ born in 1981.

  • Appearance: Breakbot is looking like Jesus a little bit." -Wikipedia (Haha, I kinda agree with this sentence, but you be the judge.

  • Signed by the good folks at Ed Banger Records, which brings us artistes like DJ Mehdi, Uffie, So Me and JUSTICE (mad love!)

If you like this song, check out his other works; some of my personal favorites are:
  • Van She - Kelly (Breakbot remix)

  • Metronomy - A Thing For Me (Breakbot version)

  • Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (Breakbot remix)

And while we're at Sneaky Sound System, show Shazam some love and check out his remix.



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