Friday, March 19

The Baptism of Fire (Self-control)

The ability to hold on to your impending ejaculation or control the velocity of your pee flow-rate, does not have any correlation to my explanation of “Self-Control”. Neither does it refer to any other forms of general physical attributes.

This post that I will be ranting on is to control thy inner-self. Thy emotions.

Throughout my journey on this good old earth, I've come across marathon runners whose legs have conquered what Alexandra the Great had failed. I've witnessed people who endured what ordinary people can’t. (You know, stuff like smelly-tofu and half-developed duckling egg)

However, when it comes to being ditched or rejected by their girlfriends or crush, boy oh boy, they make Mr Bean look manly. The uncontrollable sobbing, the drink-till-your-kidney-raises-the-white-flag feat and worse still, the cliché act of getting drenched standing outside her house, hoping she will change her mind and take you back, will all come to naught when a woman has decided to drop you.

Please come back to me and we can be singing in the rain once more!

From the above scenarios, one can easily comprehend the fact that externally, a man may look like Hercules but as the old saying goes,” Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

90% of the time, guys, even “tough” guys who resemble Hulk Hogan, behave abnormally in front of their dream girls. They allow butterflies to enter their stomach. Their ability to articulate things get hampered and their thoughts get scrambled whenever they are in the presence of their dream girls.

When their girl is out of their sight, they can’t wait to call her every now and then, thinking of means and ways to surprise her or generally to raise her interest in him. This, my friend, is when your interest level in her is in the stratosphere and your emotions are akin to a 3-year-old hyperactive kid.

Now you ask: What happens when your interest level belongs to that level? Go to the dictionary and look up the meaning of FUMBLE.

When it comes to the dating world, it is the survival of the slickest. How can you possibly portray that you are the alpha male when all your eyes do is betray your nervousness and the words coming out of your mouth is comparable to me having a bad diarrhea. (Ed's note: It normally comes out in squirts and it’s not a smooth journey)

The reality is, girls are craving to go on fun and comfortable dates. Not dates where she will be facing an emo-freak or a guy that makes watching grass grow taller interesting. Trust me; you will never perform at your peak or be crazily interesting if you allow your emotions to ride above you.

Maybe it’s the movies and all the TV serials that portray the image of SNAG; Sensitive New Age Guy, as the man we should one day aspire to be. You know the one caring guy who is always there for her, singing “I’ll Be There For You” by Bon Jovi as if Armageddon was the very next day, which influences guys to behave like wimps.

Gentlemen, if you do not know, there is a real difference between the real world and your favourite Twilight movie. I don’t believe in vampires. If you do, I recommend a site for you. You belong there and you deserve it.

Also, the metro-sexual theme has been heavily marketed. Icons like David Beckham and Ryan Seacrest are being plastered everywhere from magazine covers to remote corners such as the area we stare at while using a standing urinal in public toilets. We are being led into believing that sensitivity and various feminine traits will win her heart. Many times, far too many guys have the mentality that baring their hearts out to a woman initially will make them feel as though they are speaking to a nice guy who will never turn out to be a jerk unlike her ex.

I will never turn out to be a jerk!

There’s a time for everything and in the initial part of the chase, that’s not the moment. It’s only when her interest level hits the roof and she is willing to migrate to Kathmandu with you that you start revealing your secrets, whether that is you scratching your ass crack every single hour or your fantasy of Hip-hop grannies.


People just don’t wipe their asses first before they shit. Get the point guys. Go read the article on Training of a Jedi (under the label woman) about wusses again. sixguys wants you to put your best-foot forward. People in sales know the importance of this.

These words from David DeAngelo should say it all.
“"Nice" is not a word that you want to be associated with yourself, in my opinion. Women aren't attracted to guys who are "nice."

Be interesting, unpredictable, even thoughtful and original.

But don't be nice.”

I will wager my favorite mistress if there was a bet on the validity on the above words.

Ultimately, I feel that it’s the ideal of allowing more and more feminine qualities go un-checked in our current society that is worrying me. It's true that some parts do help but always remember that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There are stuff which guys have to learn from men. Real men.

And for your info, this blog is run by real men.

In-fact, I have never heard from my dad the term: “emo-freak” or anything related to emo during his era. Yes, there was time that he will be a little more emotional but those time were as rare as spotting a wild Siberian tiger in Singapore.

Therefore, one of the towering reasons for the birth of this blog is so that we men can finally make a stand.

We do not require you to don on red-shirts and splash blood onto government offices like they do in Bangkok but spread this blog to your friends and continue supporting it. Far too many times, I have seen too many men blogging about their inner feeling, radiating so much wussiness, that sometimes I wonder what their definition of the word, MAN is.

Girls love going out with a self-assured man. They are the kind of man that has his emotions in check all the time. The kind of man that makes her feel that he has everything taken care of. The kind of man she feels is able to deny her beauty and hold an intriguing dialogue with.

Seriously Spongebob, my eyes are up here...

Just like in martial arts where the basic stances focus on having a “firm ground”, being able to control our emotions rather than allowing our emotions to control you will make the difference. Hence, the moment you fail to hold onto your ground, you will be “labeled” under the groupies she meets most of the time. Those guys who lack BACKBONE.

For every strong structure standing on this world, a solid foundation is needed. Likewise for any man to be an incredible male, they need a fantastic foundation/ backbone. Rest-assured, sixguys is going to deliver that to you.

Enough said, I leave you these words and start manning up from now on.

“Be the master of your emotions, rather than your emotions be the master of you."



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