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Our story begins with six individuals, each with a hidden talent of his own waiting to be discovered. On a fateful day when the nine planets were aligned, a mash of the talents of the six were put to the test.

It began with a simple game of floorball.

They invented the 5-5-5 stratagem which infused the theory of organised chaos. Yes, the rules of floorball clearly stated 5 players and one goalie - but why stop at 5? I would try and explain to you this convulsive yet mind-blowing gameplay but that is going to take quite a bit of space in the blog and it could be quite detrimental to your health.

This was what happened to the last guy whom I tried to explain the theory of organised chaos.

Over the course of the past 7 years, our heroes met up often at an unpretentious prata place. Countless discussions took place, spanning from pre-match motivation speeches to post-match-reviews. Over a thousand cups of teh-pengs, we discussed the pros and cons of bikini waxing, complex fighting styles and whether you would rather have no nose or no nipples. The list could go on. But one historical meet up was about to revolutionize the ways of men.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is actually not coincidental.

wL: You know guys, I'm sick of hearing about so many Singaporean men who don't have a freaking clue how to deal with a woman.

han: Yea, I know what you mean. The Asian values in Singaporean men causes them to be more uptight about dating.

zw and des: 2 teh pengs please!

wL: Just the other day, I met a friend who recently got dumped, and he was crying his eyes out in front of me about a girl who doesn't even give a shit about him!

des: If only our fathers taught us more about the dating game.

wL: I mean this dude doesn't even know where he has gone wrong! He says he treats her really nicely and showers her with mushy sms-es every night. He buys presents for her every week and sends her to school everyday. He bows down to all her requests and treats her like a queen! He even said he'll lick her toes if she asks him to! Can you believe it? Lick her toes!

Bert looks down and wriggles toes

wL: Can you believe such people actually exist?!

des: Schools should take responsibility to educate guys about the rules of dating...

han: Just the other day I stumbled upon this blog, the datingrulebookdotblogspotdotcom/

wL: Yea I've read about that blog too and it sucks. How is it even possible they have advertisements?

han: The things they talk about are so general. Like, 'Be humorous." DUH!

Bert starts sniffing really hard while looking at his toes.

wL: You know what guys, I think we should start a blog too. Yea. We're going to turn these boys into men. We're going to teach them to improve their lives and how to handle the girls. We're going to revolutionize the dating industry.

han: And when we next see a grown man sobbing, instead of offering him tissue paper, we can now say, "Hey don't be sad, let me introduce to you a blog."

zw and des, slurps some teh ping: Sounds good.

Bert starts licking his toes.

xun: Hey guys! Sorry I'm late!

And that was how sixguysataprataplace was formed - through intricate planning and detailed observations, controversial ideas and contemporary masterpieces, elaborate discussions and heated debates. Or at least that's what some of us would like to think. Perhaps a more accurate account would be:

But jokes aside. We are very serious people when it comes to very serious issues. Issues like the diminishing chilvary from men that we see in these modern times. These are dark times, my friend. But, it is the darkest just before the dawn.

We have vowed to be your guiding light, to show you the way towards manhood. (No, manhood does not equal puberty)

Now, let me clear the air once and for all. We are not pick-up artists. We do not care for you to use pick-up techniques to hitch a hot chick. We do not care how many hot chicks you aim to score nor do we care if you ever get a threesome in your life. If that's what you're here for, I suggest you hit that little cross on the top right corner of this page (IE users) and instead, go google for suitable retirement homes of your preference because that's probably where you're going end up - old and alone.

Would you choose to have 10 flings or 1 solid relationship? Sixguys chooses the latter. We don't want to judge, but we're quite positive that deep down, every guy ultimately wants a soulmate.

Trivial Importance.

That pretty much sums up what we do. We preach to you trivial yet important stuff. Key values that have been overlooked in a seemingly complex dating algorithim. Confidence. Self-control. Class. Humour. This blog is about self improvement.

Only the genuine will attract true love. King Arthur obtained the throne by pulling Excalibur from a stone - an act which could only be performed by "the true king." Women can sense hidden agendas. They smell the stench of underlying motives under that pretentious smile, which is why we advocate the need to radiate your true character from the inside.

This training will require your time and discipline. Our advice may not be what you'd like to hear. It may even destroy your ego. But just like how Mr Miyagi believes in tough love, you will eventually emerge as a Karate Kid.

We're not pick up artists. We're just good with women.



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