Wednesday, March 10

Pick Up Lines

Write it on your cheat sheet. sixguys takes no responsibility for slapped faces or spilled drinks on denim jeans.

"Hey babe, I noticed you noticing me and I just want to put you on notice that I noticed you to."

YOU: "So I was wondering. Are we going to start talking or are we going to keep flirting from a distance?"
GIRL: -laughs
YOU: "Hi, I'm (insert name here).

"I'm going to dance right next to you and you can think that I'm dancing with you."

YOU: "Hey, can I ask you a real quick question. Do you know how much a polar bear weighs?"
GIRL: "No?"
YOU: "Enough to break the ice. Hi, I'm (insert name here)."

Cute shop assistant at a clothing store and you're trying on some jeans.
YOU: "I have no idea whether this looks good on me. Hey, what do you think?"
GIRL: "Etc, etc, blah, blah."
YOU: "If let's say I was wearing this same pair of jeans and I came up to you and asked you for your phone number, would you give it to me?"



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