Thursday, February 11

The Training of a Jedi (Never be Wusses)

Have you ever watched a WWE match and spotted ugly Betty beside a wrestler? If your answer is yes, my advice to you is; regulate your alcohol intake and get a life. It just doesn’t happen. Be it because it’s a media strategy to have hot girls on screen to attract viewership or to simply raise a male’s testosterone level, one thing is for sure. Girls never hang around WUSSES.

Remember the time when you were at a pub, consoling your buddy over countless beer bottles, seeing him choking in tears, uttering, ”Why did she leave me for that jerk? I've been such a nice guy all along.” Their wailing still leaves a deep impact in my heart. Because of that, we, six guys, decided to dedicate ourselves into establishing this blog. No longer will the victim receive only a pair of handy listening ears and a packet tissue paper. This time, they will be led to the road for happiness. Tell this to your heartbroken friend.


WUSS, the term I will use extensively in this post. It is similar to the PUA artist definition of AFC (averaged frustrated chump) taken from the book The Game. Pussy, coward or weakling, gentlemen, I don’t want any of you who religiously follow this blog to end up being labelled as one .

Do these whenever your inner wussy starts creeping out. Say:

"I fight you if you dare influence me again.”

Gentlemen, if you have been dreaming to be in a long and blissful relationship, then we must never be wusses. The reason being:

“There can be no real love from a woman if she never respects you.”

Gentlemen don’t respect wusses. Women don’t respect wusses. Even a transvestite that had undergone a failed sex-operation will never respect wusses. Why? Because they never fight for themselves and say NO to their ding dong women. They do not respect themselves. How do you expect to respect somebody when he never gives any to himself?

Only doormats are meant to be step all over the place, not us men.

What really are wusses then? Let me define it to you now.

He is,
1. Too happy to be around his dream girls. Even when his “dream girl” tramples on his dignity, he still hangs around. Remember puppies who come to you tongue out, wagging his tail and woofing in ecstasy, I bet you will spot the same tail coming out from those wusses.

2. Always giving way to his date. He does not have a mind of his own. In any argument, even when his “dream girl” has a hypothesis that the sun revolves around the earth, a wuss will think that he is dating the world's most intelligent woman.

3. A spineless creature. If you think jelly is wobbly, think again. Observe how a guy’s knee melts and gives way when their girls threaten to leave them. Guys, the combination of keeling down and crying never works. That equates to begging and wusses always beg.

In short, wusses are weaklings who can’t muster any courage to defend himself and say the big word, NO, to their dream girls.

On the contrary, neither do we want you guys to turn yourself into Julius Caesar where the size of your “balls” is bigger than Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. According to my female friends, the number 1 catalyst for a failed relationship has always revolved around this trait called:


Please, don't ever be a control freak and much worse, a stalker. Deal with your ego issues and never let it engulf you. (I will elaborate more about this in the future)

Like what I have mentioned in my first article, it is usually the male’s ego that stands in the way of their transformation into Man. Pride, in the positive sense of word, is necessary but guys, too much and you will find yourself sharing the same room at a monastery with a wuss.

What should we aspire to be then? The answer, my friend, is to be a gentleman. Remember guys in the early 50s that used to don leather shoes, classy shirts with neatly combed hair?

Nowadays, all we get are ass cracks coming out from jeans and hair sticking out of noses. (Ed's note: For goodness sake, if your nose hair is protruding out like a proud peacock, do us a favour, lock yourself up and don’t go around scaring kids). A real gentleman takes good care of themself. They recognise the subtle fact that people relate a person’s image with character, charm and way of living. We are no longer caveman so stop presenting yourself like one.


Of course, taking control of how you look is not the sole ingredient to be a charming gentleman. The real deal comes from these 4 eternal commandments that separate the dreamers from the achievers.

They are, once again:

1) Confidence

2) Self control

3) Class

4) Humour

Just like how 4 lucky numbers in Singapore can fetch you a windfall, my friend, this 4 principles will be like the North Star, which guided ancient sailors to their destinations.

A diamond must be polished by another diamond. The process might be tough my friend, but persevere on and evict your inner wuss. My next post will concentrate on explaining these 4 terms so meanwhile; do some homework for your sake. Seriously ponder over what these 4 commandments are all about and write down what your negative traits are, especially if you recognise yourself as a wuss . Remember, dedication and relentless pursuits are what brings people to greatness. It’s never too late to change.

Men, a diamond’s sparkle will surely capture someone’s attention. Go through our training with us and girls hanging out with you will have to don their Oakley shades forever.



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