Thursday, February 25

Heart of a Lion (Confidence)

Who comes into your mind when the word confidence is thrown to you? A well-groomed man inheriting Brad Pitt genes plus Obama talent, or Mr Donald Trump using his endless green notes to wipe off some table stains? Guys, if any of the above images flashes out, it implies one fact.

You have no confidence in yourself.

I leave the task of flipping through the pages of Miriam-Webster's to you if you want the definition of confidence but if your ambition is to shine, then tell your friends to stop hurrying you for the game of Left for Dead and read on.

Now as the topic of confidence is as broad and endless as the Middle East conflict, I will restrain myself from discussing every part.

Note: This article is my own rendition of what really is confidence, especially in the eyes of Eves, so don’t copy this wholesale and pass it off as your thesis.

• Confidence should be the direct result of your own “foundation”.

What makes certain brands stand out and others look like the brown stuff you produce in the toilet? It is the integrity/foundation of the product. This consists of the reliability and the strength of the merchandise. In short, sales people call it “product confidence”.

Now, how much do you know and understand about yourself? I do not mean whether you prefer your right hand over your left when it comes to self-pleasuring but the true nature of you; your personal strong and weak points. A product can only be better if the flaws are being corrected.

Especially so in this harsh market of love, where you men are the product, it is of paramount importance that you rise above the rest. If the stuff I parted my money with is a jabroni piece of crap, it will be blacklisted forever. On the contrary, any man coming from the sixguys brand is similar to a Triumph brassiere.

We make women comfortable and happy.

However, guys, if you suck, then I suggest go join the wusses, egoistic man at their monastery. Worse still, like Toyota's reputation plunging faster than Moses Lim in a free fall situation, you soon realize that every Jane, Mary and Michelle will now know you belong together with the inferior stuff.

Let me reiterate, I do believe that no one can be 100 percent confident and feeling good about himself all the time but do this 75 percent of your time, you need to know you are of premium substance. I do not care if your parents do not hug you enough while you were growing up but guys, it's time to show yourself some love. Do that for a start.

Get some nice clothes. Get a neat and nice hair cut. This does not equate to expensive goods. In reality, it simply relates to dedication.

I know of guys who just shop around without putting in effort to stop and think, “Do I look good in this, do I suit that?" They plainly rush into decisions.

Let me remind you of an old principle: “Quality over quantity.” What’s the use of 10 pieces of umbrella brand underwear if a woman’s desire is to rip off one good pair of Calvin Klein underpants?

If you are dedicated, you will go towards any length to make yourself look good. Remember, if you look good, naturally you will start feeling good as well. This will equate to confidence.

Also, start reading some books now rather than using the same old story of how you survived all the shit during your National service. They don’t serve the country so they don’t really care. Check out conversational jujitsu. Now who said martial arts can’t be sexy?

Furthermore, to be a great man, we have to learn from one. Johann Wolfgang van Goethe, Victor Hugo or even minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew. They are called leaders/alpha-male not just by their hits on Google. Stop taking advice from soap operas and read a solid book. That was what men in the 1950s did. Ask any of the teenagers now on their greatest achievement and his answers will most likely to be,”I can snipe really well in 'Medal of Honor'.” Guess what, our forefathers fought real wars for their beliefs.

Guys, almost every sportsman that desires to clinch an Olympics gold medal will seek out coaches who have successfully done so. We sixguys dedicate ourselves, sacrificing our brain cells and spare time, to help men. Remember, eagles fly with eagles, birds fly with birds. Continue pursing sixguys and you will increase your knowledge and understanding of girls and dating. Intimacy with the subject has a direct proportion with our confidence.

Men, I know it’s tough but it's serious time to step up. Man up. The world needs no losers. When people start associating you with quality, your confidence will definitely ooze out.

That is when girls will start pestering you with the tenacity of an insurance agent.



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