Friday, January 1


This blog was borne out of the collective wisdom of 6 young, dashing gentlemen residing in the island of Singapore. Endless supper nights and conversational nuggets over a cup of teh peng or iced milk tea, lamenting the state of the masculine gender and how it has been downtrodden in this fair city, debating the pros and cons of investment trading; this blog aims to be a self-improvement hub for the men who have been beaten down by the trials and tribulations of life. Women, fitness, fashion, real estate, etc; the group gives the truth as it is without any sugar coating or caramel swirls.

Aiming to be a bastion of truth and much ass kicking, the six guys aim to shake up your world and become leaders of a new metaphorical world order.

The ubiquitous alpha male, WL takes dedication to a whole new level. Au fait with matters of the heart and the mind, WL's penchant for stirring speeches and quote-worthy sayings are second to none. His favourite phrase is "If she's a ding dong..."

Touted to be the next Andy Warhol by his fellow peers, Desmond has more artistic talent in his left thumb than all of us combined. He has left his mark across Singapore and Bangkok with his signature style and finesse. A lover of all things electro and raw denim, Desmond has a soft spot for euphoric women.

Beneath his unassuming and cheerful disposition lies a man hungry for success. He wields quite possibly the meanest floorball stick in the land and has the Midas touch that most of us wish we had. A brilliant organiser and planner, ZW is at home in the comforts of the office or out in the sweltering heat of the trenches.

This budding real estate mogul is one ruthless sonofabitch and I mean that in the best way possible. His passion boils over when it comes to his pursuits and there are numerous legends about his exploits against ah bengs and conmen. He is the type of guy you would rather have on your side than against.

The multi-hyphenate to end all multi-hyphenates. Muay thai exponent, dairy businessman, honours student, fledgling investor. He would rip you off when selling eggs and rip your head off when you try to complain. Then, he would kick your butt again just because he can.

Exuding charm and sardonic wit, Han is the archetypal wordsmith who enjoys a healthy discussion and a hardcover book. He loves his poker and his cards and believes all men should be able to bench press their own body weight.

This blog might offend you, it might disgust you, it might delight you but it will never make you look at yourself the same way again. In the immortal words of Tyler Durden, "This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time."


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