Monday, January 11

The Stylebook


There is a whole army of fashion mavens clamouring for your attention, begging to dress you and whispering in your ear to get that shirt that will make you the ultimate style god. The magazine rack screams to you about the latest summer fashion and you pick it up, slave to the media machine that compels you to follow the latest trends.

You, my friend, need to snap out of your haze and stop chasing luxury brands. There are only 3 guidelines you need to follow to be the ultimate style God.

1. Go to the gym
That's right. Start visiting the gym. No matter how expensive the shirt is or how nice the tone matches off your skin, you'll still look like a Goodyear tire or a clothes hanger if you don't have some muscle tone to pull it off.


Who do you want to be?

2. Cutting and tailoring
A good piece should accentuate your assets and hide your flaws. It's all about the cut in clothing. The sleeve line (where your sleeve meets the rest of the shirt) should rest just nicely where your shoulder ends. Sleeves should preferably end about one hand's length above your elbow. Any longer and you'll be auditioning for the part in 'Thug Life.' Your tee should be your second skin and not a layer of cloth covering you from the harsh winter.

Pants. Oh good lord pants. I silently rage inside whenever I see the ends of guys' pants bunching up around the ankles. The difference between style and slob is 3 inches. Go to a tailor and get your pants tailored. It makes a whole world of difference when you're comparing nicely tailored pants resting perfectly on your ankles against a pair that is attempting to sweep the floor of your shopping centre. This can be applied to jeans as well.

On a related note, try to avoid the in-house tailors that are offered to you when you shop at Zara, Topman and the like. They usually machine stitch and their prices are slightly higher than normal tailors. Instead, source out for those independent tailors. Mine is residing at Penisula Shopping Centre and is an awesome lady with a lot of stories and a deft tailoring hand to boot.

3. Understatement
Bernard Arnault is laughing his way to the bank whenever you buy a piece that has brands plastered all over the item.

Congratulations, you just bought an advertisement.

Avoid flashy, loud clothing that is screaming for the public's attention unless
a. you're going to a rave party
b. you're going to a rave party

Go for understated styles with a nice print or pattern that has the cutting you require. Honestly, just look at how gay guys dress and tone it down a notch and you have a perfect outfit for the alpha male.

Once you start dressing following these 3 guidelines, half the battle is won in attracting the attention of the opposite gender.



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