Thursday, April 15

Today in History - 15 April 1912

Which very unfortunate incident killed
1522 people

On this very faithful day on 15 April

Natural Disasters?

Human Errors?

War on Terrorism?

If what you guessed was close to this.
you're almost right!

It was the sinking of the Titanic!

98 years ago on this day

The Great Unsinkable sank.

15 April 1912


Name : Titanic

Flag of Registry: British

Titanic's Keel Laid : 31st March 1909

Titanic's Launch Date : 31st May 1911

Titanic's Maiden voyage: 10 April 1912

Titanic's Length : 882.75ft, approximately 262 metres.

Titanic's Width : 92.5ft

Titanic's Height : 175ft

Titanic's Weight : 46,328 Tons

Titanic's Crew : 860

Titanic's Passengers : 2500

Titanic's Speed:21 knots (39 km/h; 24 mph) - 23 knots (43 km/h; 26 mph)

Cost to build Titanic : £ 1,500,000

Titanic's Rediscovery : 1st Sept 1985

Titanic's Re-founder : Dr. Robert Ballard, an oceanographer and marine biologist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Sitting all alone in the dark abyss

Advertisement Posters

Titanic's Tickets

The Captain, Edward John Smith (right)

Titanic's Cafe

This is the Supposed Route

Hitting the Headlines in New York

What happened in the movies
(please click to see the larger prints)

Below is a series of videos of 1 documentary posted

by Quinne07.

It's a fantastic documentary on the Titanic

Which pretty much says everything you need to know about Titanic.

It's about 10mins per clip, 20 clips in all

Don't worry this is part 11,

Rediscovery of The Titanic

Beware. Many feedback to me it is a boring video
but nevertheless.. it's history!

Reliving the Moment

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