Monday, April 19

Attraction 101: Part Two

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." - Margaret Thatcher

Looks might be the first factor that makes a lady take a second glance at you, but status is the second component that makes her stare at you a little longer through the corner of her eye.

Status does not necessarily equate to a powerful position in a global company or the astronomical level of fear that you strike in the hearts of others. What status means here is the amount of presence that you exude wherever you go.


Ponder this question for a minute before reading the next couple of paragraphs. What makes you take a second glance at someone and then a third when someone walks into a room?

Granted, looks play an important role but in a world of plastic surgery and Botox injections, beauty is a dime a dozen.

The next time you catch yourself stealing glances at a stranger in a room or on the train, figure out what makes that person so special. Ultimately, it's a combination of both looks and status.

The rap artistes call it swagger. The laymen simply label it confidence.

The greatest weapon you have in your arsenal of social armaments is your smile. Smile when you walk into a room. Smile at the server when you stroll into a restaurant. Smile at the sales assistant who approaches you when you're browsing through the racks. Smiling begets smiling and there is rarely anyone who does not smile back at you.

A grin also portrays confidence and swagger, especially if you can pull off the cocky grin tastefully.

The Alpha Male

In the animal kingdom, the strongest male will be the leader and the females will copulate with him, out of life preservation and natural attraction. Similarly among the homo sapiens, women are naturally attracted to the leaders of the pack; the alpha male.

The mind of a women is genetically wired to be attracted to the leader of the group, just like in the animal kingdom. It is a characteristic that has been passed down through the descendants to make sure that your species and your genes live on.

The alpha male is someone who portrays confidence and security. He is the king of the court and is normally the person that others subconsciously seek approval from in any social setting. He exists in every environment; a particular somebody who leads the rest.

Sometimes, the alpha male become jerks when they realise that they are the alpha male. sixguys does not want you to become a jerk. Be the humble alpha male who respects others and animals, especially animals.

Lead the men and the women will follow.

Now you might wonder how does one become the alpha male? That boils down to personality, the culmination of the Attraction 101 series.


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