Monday, April 5

Class - An Education

The world that we are currently living in loves to segregate us into different categories. The caste system, a remnant from the times of Bharat, is still prevalent today.

Now this is not a history lesson that will cure your insomnia but personally we believe that the definition of class is derived from this concept. Just like the subject of fluid mechanics where the Bernoulli Equation is the starting point of perhaps every other mathematical formulae, the heart of the social disparity exists within each person and their lives.

Marketers and advertisers know this solemn fact. Although the majority of us fight for equality in a democratic society, we do know the difference between a LV bag and a (LS) lao sai bag. The former symbolizes prestige, class and a certain social status while the latter, in a Singaporean context, represents a certain brown occasionally green liquid expulsion from our bottom.

People do leave an imprint on the others they meet, no matter how minuscule. That’s why, in business and in the dating world, first impressions always count. Imagine the lasting image you would give to your date if she caught you enjoying the process of digging your nose publicly, displaying all the “satisfaction” you derived from it or perhaps, the glory from getting an empty seat in the MRT as a reward for outpacing all the aunties, giving Usain Bolt a run for his money.


Trust me; any woman will love to kick this type of guy down the train tracks. That’s why the authorities have to erect barriers now.

Having said that however, sixguys does not want you to have the impression that you men must resist the itch from your nose throughout the date or are not entitled to the seats in the train. We just want to emphasise that at the end of the day, real gentlemen show true manners. When everything is said and done, woman still expect the guy to suck it up and endure certain stuff. Yes, in this grey area of love, gender equality will never be possible.

I remember recalling one particular radio show where the protagonist was relating how much success he had with woman. I was initially skeptical until I heard one of his girls relating a story on how he was the only guy who would rise up and greet her from the moment she steped into the restaurant. Irregardless of how far she was, he remained standing until her butt landed on the cushion before he took his seat. Now this may seem like nothing but women do take note of all these subtle items. As our in house style guru Des love to says it:" The devil is in the details."

In a similar situation, an “untrained” male will have tried calling her mobile phone to give directions or worse, he will just simply raise his hand to try to catch her attention.

I would rather be armless than to raise my hand to catch her attention. She is not a waitress. She is my date. And if she is special enough to score a date with me then she deserves all the gentlemanly acts showered upon her.

Seriously, there will be countless men who will brag to their ladies about how much weight they are able to lift in the gym or how many zeros there are in his paycheck. Still, true gentlemen are those that appreciate and take action on the finer things in life. Men who appreciate wine will always be on the higher status when compared to those that idolize Mr Borat.

Dick Mann has an excellent quote from his article that encapsulates the point I am trying to make.

It's guys like this that sixguys tip their hat to.

I love fairy tales and one common note is that they usually end off with the princess falling in love with those knights in shiny armor. Though we are in no medieval period and we need not carry swords to board the train, what we have to do is to learn the chivalry and manners that those knights exude. Nowadays, when I look around, it seems to me that guys are aspiring to be either Phua Chu Kang or Clay Aiken.

Also, the importance of women picking up details can be explained with their obsession in shoes. After numerous readings and conversations with women, one of the issues that they are concerned with are men and their shoes. Yes it’s not the hump located in between your legs that you created with your tight jeans but your damn shoes. There is a drastic difference between sneakers, running shoes, boots, boat shoes, leather shoes, etc. What is the difference in all those shoes?

Guys,it's high time to get an education in shoes. Do this for a start, stop wearing the free New Balance army shoes if you are dressing to impress someone.

When you know the answers to shoes, you are a thousand steps closer to the illusive definition called class. Don’t believe me, talk to any lady about this. And yes, i mean lady, not your haggard auntie or Rosie Phua.

Lastly, men seldom care about the sesame seed or the beautiful garnishing on a dish. The majority are only bothered about how it tastes. When you train and educate yourself through this blog and start to notice the minor details, like the cutting of your pants and the choice of your shoes, then sixguys welcome you into our knights of the round table.

Bear in mind guys, “Money can pay for school but it can't buy class."



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