Sunday, May 23

An Update

Dear readers,

You might be wondering where all the posts have dried up to and what we've been busy doing. Besides the aforementioned Streetwars, sixguys is also pleased to inform all of you that we're working on a really big project these past couple of weeks. It's been taking longer than expected but we're quite excited to see it come to fruition one way or another. It feels like we've been in labor and the kid's finally going to pop out.

Rest assured though that we're still meeting up at the prata place to discuss about the direction we want to take with our blog and brainstorming new ideas for new posts. This blog is our soul and we hope to keep it that way. We really thank you for your readership and your comments and your e-mails and such and we're quite happy about how far we've come from when we first started out with a single post about ourselves.

It's a long, hard winding journey but the sights make it worthwhile.



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