Tuesday, May 4

LOL - Humor

You will have almost certainly heard that humor is very important in terms of attracting and keeping your date but when most guys try to be Jim Carrey, they often fall short and end up being goofy. That’s bad, real bad.

Now, if your aim is to be Sheldon J. Plankton and remain frustrated over why girls avoid you although you've been memorizing all the jokes you get from joke books, here’s a tip for you if you fall in this category; take a look into the mirror and you can spot the world's greatest joke.

But if your inspirational model is Russell Brand, snatching Katy Perry like he did and some infatuated models along the way, do this - close your eyes and say,” I want to idolize sixguys.”


Now the later is just a joke.

Why is humor so important?
To start off, sixguys needs you to understand the answers to this question. If not, then participate in the audition for the lead actor of the movie, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin Part II”. This is serious stuff, especially in dating.

Through experience, we agree that there are various elements that women judge you when on dates. Ranging from the scent of your cologne to your gentlemanly Armani suit, one thing that towers above all this is, “Are you able to make her laugh?”

In general, men who laugh at themselves are willing to accept their mistakes and move on faster. For women, if you can tickle their funny bones, that means you are witty and a fun guy to be with.

It correlates to dating as love is always supposed to be fun and playful. Do not believe me, go look at females’ Facebook profile and you will probably notice that most of them are 'looking for a fun guy.'

The kind of fun men that leaves them playfully hitting their heroes and say, ”You are such a badass.” (In a funny way of course)

Also, when you make a girl laugh all the time, she will feel more at ease and relaxed when with you. She will be able to relieve her burden of a day's work and enjoy a multitude of jokes from you. And most importantly, she will lower her guard against you. Yes, a comfy sofa is not the sole ingredient that make women comfortable.

The difference between a stand-up comedian and a joker

Nobody can resist a good laugh and everyone loves to hang around someone funny. However, few can distinguish the difference between being lame to being genuinely funny. Laughing at a woman's idiotic driving skills seems funny to most men but to women, they think you are the perfect role for the Joker in Batman.

I have always believed that real humor has to come from within your character. In fact, in the book "Comedy Writing Secrets" by Helitzer, the author pointed that out. What it means is that it is important to have a bubbly personality plus a myriad of interesting stories. A stand-up comedian's distinct ability to spread laughter does not lie in memorizing the whole joke book but by their unique flamboyant character. Be it that spark in their eyes or the amusing tone they mimic, they sure tickle my funny bones.

It is not the intention of sixguys to just expect you to transform into a machine that produces a gentle smile or small giggle from her. What we demand from you is to literally get her to burst out in rambunctious laughter all the time.

Intelligent humor is a sign of the intelligent man beneath. Having a good sense of humor subtly tells the girl that there is a smart man underneath that great smile.

Wit is one of the stuff women seek in men. (Don't just take our words for it. Read this)

What you can do now
sixguys loathes being the dictator when it comes to women but the circumstances do not allow us to be humble. Do this, continue supporting and read our posts. It’s really an understatement to just read it. Understand and internalize the principles we are advocating. We don’t just write because we rather write than to spend an entire day watching grannies crossing road. We treat it as our mission.


We don't like pessimists. Girls despise them too.

“I think, therefore I am.” Appreciate what Descartes says.

Bear in mind guys: “With confidence, self-control, class and humor, there will be one lesser space left in the ranking of the Top-100 bachelors.”



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